Lisa Dudzik Perth Points out The Top Things to do in the City Of Doha


Vibrant and lively, the beautiful city of Doha boasts of an extremely pleasant weather, a host of wonderful structures, as well as a charming character. Lisa Dudzik, a native of Western Australia, in her blog provides an extensive insight on the cityscape of Doha and the key travel sites present there. She essentially is an expat who has traveled to many destinations of the world due to her work, including the country of Qatar. Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions how Doha offers a perfect amalgamation of big-city attractions, while providing a glimpse of the traditional Arab heritage. In addition to housing many grand old structures, the city of Perth also features a myriad bars, restaurants, as well as opportunities for cultural activities.

Lisa Dudzik Perth underlines the top attractions in Doha

The marvelous city of Perth Doha essentially is the capital of the peninsular Arabian Gulf country Qatar. In the May of 2015, Doha was officially recognized as one of the chosen New7Wonders Cities of the planet.  Lisa Dudzik Perth in her blog essentially mentions how this is an extremely safe, vibrant and safe city.  In her blog she talks about the things to do, as well as top attractions in Doha. Here are few of them:

  • Walk around the Souq Waqif : Walking along the lively and vibrant streets of Souq Waqif can immediately transport people to the traditional Arabian world. This this the perfect place for people to experience the middle eastern local culture through spectacular architecture, as well as merchant’s produce and perfumes.  The labyrinth of shops present here tend to offer an extensive selection of products, which range from spices, souvenirs, to various items of clothing and handicrafts. There are cultural shows and music performances held here quite often that enrich the atmosphere of this site.
  • Go on a sand dune adventure: A lot of people dream of riding a camel, and going on an adventurous desert safari. At Doha people can find just that. Here people can essentially find classic adventurer experiences. This city offers the best possible desert experiences, where people can abandon the dull tarmac g for the absolute adrenaline rush of the dunes
  • Explore The Al Zubarah Fort: No trip to the capital of Qatar can essentially be completed without a visit to the grand Al Zubarah Fort. This fort is located quite close to the traditional town of Al Ruwais. This iconic desert fort of Qatar derives its name from the archaeological site of Al Zubarah town. It additionally is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. A number of items offering the reflection of the 18th – 19th century settlements of the region are present here.

People can check out the blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth to know more about the diverse highlights of the city of Doha.  This stylish and trendy city tends to magnetize travellers from various parts of the world due to its magnificent cityscape, and constantly changing skyline.

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