Those wanting to start a new leaf in their lives don’t want an old mistake to haunt them down. Anyone with a criminal history would desire to remove it from their record. But removing a criminal record takes time and patience. In California, one with their records expunged cannot be discriminated against by the employers during hiring. So, there are clearly some perks that come with the process of expungement. Continue reading this article to find out the benefits of expunging a criminal record.

Starting from the beginning: When one is arrested with a criminal charge, the first thing he should do is to opt for bail. There are various regional bail bonds services available for the defendant in California. One can access the Orange County bail bonds for a fast release from jail. An arrestee only pays for 10% of the whole bail amount, and the rest is taken care of by the bail agency.

  • Once the defendant is on bail, he must consult with experienced lawyers to represent him in court. People hiring a private attorney have higher chances of winning the trial compared to someone relying on state-provided government lawyers.
  • At the end of the trial, the judge will declare his verdict, pronouncing the defendant either guilty or innocent of the crime. If the defendant is pronounced guilty, he must follow all protocols and be prepared to endure the given sentence. It is only after the completion of the sentence that he can start the process of expunging the records. He must petition the court to have his criminal history removed.

Benefits of Expungement: There are significant benefits of having a clean record. It generally takes somewhere between 30 days and 120 days to complete the process, but in the end, it is worth going through the paperwork. It is advisable to rely on a legal professional to help you with the expungement process, as the legal teams are familiar with the method and therefore can provide people with a successful experience.

  • Many countries check for criminal records before letting one set foot in their country. Having a clean record helps one travel internationally. For instance, Canada is one country that welcomes people from the US only when they have no criminal background or when they have their criminal history expunged.
  • When a firm decides to hire an employee, they conduct a thorough background check-up of the potential employee to ensure that they are not hiring someone who has a violent past. Now, when the defendant’s criminal history is removed, he can legally say no to having a criminal past.

However, there are still rules that one needs to pay attention to. If the arrested person is restricted to keep a firearm, expunging his records will not grant him access to the same. The defendant is still forbidden to own a gun. If he is found violating the rules, he will be promptly arrested again for breaking the law. DUI is one of the most common charges people face in California. This record can cause hindrance while opting for a job, and therefore may be expunged when requested.


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