Gear and Software That Beginners Should Have for Music Production


If you are thinking about recording and producing music, you should look into buying the right microphone. There are many different mics that are in different price ranges. Some people say that you can’t go wrong with mics that are in the $400.00 price range and up. However, there are plenty of people online who swear by mics that are cheaper than $400.00.

There are actually some relatively cheap mics that have been frequently used by music production professionals and musicians and have good reputations. For example, Shure sells two models of dynamic mics that are around $100.00, the SM57 and the SM58.

The SM57 and SM58 are generally good for both vocals and instruments. However, some people claim that the SM57 is better for instruments and the SM58 is better for vocals. The SM58 is built with a mesh top on it to remove harsh “S” and “P” sounds from a person’s vocals. The SM57 does not have this feature, though you can purchase a windscreen to fix the problem.

When it comes to microphones, different microphones emphasize different frequencies. For example, some mics record more of the “low end” while other mics record more of the “high end.” Neither type of mic is better, and it all depends on what a person wants and what sounds good when applied in a certain situation. Mics that emphasize the “high end” tend to produce recordings that sound brighter, while the other types produce recordings that sound lower pitched.

Cheap computer microphones are not going to cut it when it comes to music recording and production. Computers come with mics, but it is really better to go to the store and get a mic that is specifically made for making high quality recordings.


Loops are sounds of music that can be made or purchased. There is an endless selection of loop packages on the world wide web. All it takes is the click of a button to buy and have them at one’s finger tips. There are many loops available on websites, for access to some click here now. Most websites allow people to preview the loops so that they know what exactly they are buying. Loops can be made to either embellish songs or make up entire songs.

Audio Interface

The audio interface is the thing that acts as the middle man between the microphone and the computer. Generally, you cannot directly plug a microphone directly into a computer. You must plug a microphone into an audio interface with an XLR cable. Then, you must plug the audio interface into a computer with a USB cable.
Digital Audio Work Station

Of course, to produce music, we need a digital audio workstation! DAWs are basically computer programs that are dedicated to music creation and production. Some can have pretty hefty price-tags, with Pro-tools costing roughly $600.00. Others are cheaper, and some are free, like Audacity. In this day and age, there are more tutorials online of how to use these programs than ever.

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