Do You Know How Will You Decide the Size of Image on Facebook Ad?


It is no longer a secret that marketers always prefer images while campaigning in any medium including Facebook. Therefore, it is essential that while designing an ad one must give emphasis in designing of the image during the campaigns.

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Let us discuss in this article, how to decide the size of the image while campaigning on Facebook.

What does the image size matter?

Let us get a little more specific, and know why the size of your Facebook ad image matters so much.

  1. Understanding the size of Facebook ad images means that you will avoid images that may appear distorted just because they are stretched, blurry, or pixelated.
  2. Based on your marketing objective for the ad, your image size, as well as placement that you choose, will either make your ad stand out from others or the audience will just ignore it.
  3. The right placement and size will ensure your ad will target the right audience within the millions of viewers present on the platform.

Facebook will offer you several options for Facebook ad and also its guidelines may change frequently. So far as ad image size of Facebook is concerned, it is important to stay fully up to date. Navigating Facebook ads options however can be confusing, particularly if you are very new to Facebook ads.

Let us now discuss ad sizes for Facebook images in a few common formats used for ad campaigns.

Facebook image ads size

All your customers will like to see what they are buying before actually buying it. Therefore, if you want to catch on Facebook your audience’s attention, then you have to include images in the ads, preferably ones that will showcase your brand or product in a unique and eye-catching manner.

However, designing for Facebook any image ads can always be a little complex. Different ad destinations and display formats (either mobile or desktop) often call for different sizes of an ad. Ads manager of Facebook now even allows you to upload different images meant for different display formats. You can preview how an ad will look before it goes live.

To obtain best results, you must maintain the following specs for your image advertisements:

  1. Facebook feed images
  • Minimum height – 600 pixels
  • Minimum width – 600 pixels
  • Resolution – Minimum 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Aspect ratio – 1:91 to 1:1

For all your image ads, Facebook will recommend that you must upload the best resolution image available. That should be either PNG or JPG format, suitably cropped to support the required aspect ratio of the image.

  1. Facebook right column images
  • Minimum height – 133 pixels
  • Minimum width – 254 pixels
  • Resolution – Minimum 1080 x 1080
  • Aspect ratio – 1:1

Your right column ads basically are for the desktop-only format, however, they can appear in any other areas of your website too.

  1. Facebook instant article images
  • Maximum file size – 30 MB
  • Resolution – Minimum 1080 x 1080 px
  • Aspect ratio – 1.91:1 to 1:1
  1. Facebook marketplace images
  • Maximum file size – 30 MB
  • Resolution – Minimum 1080 x 1080 px
  • Aspect ratio – 1:1
  1. Facebook stories

If you are using a still image for your ad for Facebook stories ad, then Facebook will recommend to keep about 250 or 14% pixels at both the top and bottom of the image and it should be free from any texts or logos.

That will prevent it from getting covered up by certain tools e.g. calls-to-action and also your profile icon.

  • Minimum width – 500 px
  • Aspect ratio – 1:1
  • Maximum file size – 30 MB
  • Resolution – Minimum 1080 x 1080 px

Creating effective Facebook ads will be, however, more than just using a glossy picture and hope that something good will happen. You must have a strategy with your objective for ensuring that it is in sync with the larger picture of what you are aiming your ad to accomplish.

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