The Importance of Industrial Shelving Maintenance


Industrial shelving can look great in any space with its sleek appearance and simple aesthetic. However, it is important to be aware of the essentials of safety, organisation and maintenance for this type of shelving. Read on for tips on how to organise, stock and maintain your industrial shelving units.

Space Considerations

When looking at industrial shelves, you need to consider the space neede d. Items need to be stored safely so that they do not cause a health and safety hazard. In the workplace, storage has to be large enough while still being streamlined enough to fit into the space allowed. By considering space available and the room needed, you will be able to find the right size of shelving unit.

Safety Considerations

The amount of space needed on the shelves is also related to the safety of workers. Shelves that are too small mean there is always risk of the items falling off the sides and front. This could be a problem if the item is large and heavy. You have to think about the items that need to be stored and the space they will need, as these will all impact the safety considerations.


Shelves help to organize items. But they also need to look right in the space. Items should be stored in a systematic fashion on the shelves in order to use the space most effectively. Proper organisation can have a neat and pleasing look aesthetically while also adding to the safety of the storage unit.

It is possible to find Industrial Shelving in Ireland and other countries from expert stockists such as There are many similar specialists who can all advise you on the best choice of shelving for your needs. Although many homeowners want a shelving unit with homely appeal, such as Ikea’s Billy bookcase, businesses and larger spaces need a high-quality industrial shelving that will support heavier loads.


Proper maintenance is vital when installing and caring for your industrial shelves. Keeping shelves clean is the first thing to do in maintaining the shelves, and you need to use the appropriate cleaning products. Try to keep the shelves clear of dust and moisture, as these can degrade the material over time. Try to stay clear of harsh chemical cleaners and use more natural products along with elbow grease when cleaning.

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