How to Select a Professional Handyman


Handyman with a tool belt. House renovation service.

If you have a broken window or door or some other home repairs, you will need the services of a handyman. Whether it is a major or minor repair, you want to hire a professional handyman because they can do the job quickly and efficiently. If you try the repairs yourself, chances are that you could end up doing more damage instead of fixing anything. Therefore, you need to hire a handyman and a professional one at that. How do you do that? Use the tips below:

  • Ask for references

Almost everyone in your circle would have used the services of a handyman at some point. You can ask them for recommendations. If you are looking for a handyman on the internet, there are tons of options you will find, but you should choose one who has a good resume and service background. Ask them to provide you with references that you can check.

  • Ask about their services

Once you have found a good handyman service, call them up and ask them about their schedule and rates. Discuss the project with them and ask them about their experience with similar projects.

  • Check the license

A handyman needs to have a license before they can provide their services. Never hire an unlicensed handyman because they will not be legitimate and may not have the experience and skills needed to do the work. Also, make sure the handyman you hire is covered by liability insurance so you don’t have to deal with any expenses if injuries were to happen.

  • Get a written estimate

Last, but not the least, before you choose a handyman, ask them to provide you with a written estimate for the job. This will show you all the underlying rates the handyman will charge and no hidden costs will be included.

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