How to choose pallet racking


Efficiency and effectiveness are going to be key considerations when you are choosing a new pallet racking system.

Amongst the other issues will inevitably be health and safety, which the features mentioned above can impact on. Guidance on health and safety issues can be found at the HSE website.

You will already have decided where and how you want to store your products but there are other things to consider when choosing your pallet racking system.


Wherever you are looking to source pallet racking Ireland, the UK or other European countries offer reliable providers who can be found online at sites such as Expert advice from an experienced manufacturer will help you create an environment which meets your targets. Even then, there are some simple tests you can apply to your plans to ensure you have done as much homework as possible.

Firstly, it is important that the racking system you choose can support the weight of your products. The overall configuration and design will affect this. There are specific pallet racking systems for different industries, but you will also need to consider whether you are using single bays or continuous runs, the overall length and what items you are stacking on each level. All these factors help determine the safe working load for each pallet.

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Suitable floorplan

Depending on the type of stock you carry, turnaround may be high, and thus, accessibility will be important. If you are likely to be constantly accessing the structures, it may be wise to incorporate protection items such as durable end products and column guards.

Bear in mind when looking for a new pallet racking system that you may not be able to incorporate all the bells and whistles associated with a top spec. Your machines, such as forklifts, may limit the height you can stack to, and a suitable floorplan will have to be incorporated and a custom-built system is the best solution.

Think about the height, shape and size of your space and how the new system can fit into it. This will include noting where windows and doors are located. The size of your warehouse will determine the number of pallets you can store and the system that will fit safely into the workspace. The correct space between the racking systems will ensure efficiency and safety in your operation.


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