Workplace Injuries that Might Lead to Compensation Claims


Every year, hundreds of thousands of accidents are reported in the workplace. That’s why it’s crucial for any firm or business owner to take proper precautions. Sure, even the most prepared ones can still fall victim to accidents at work.  According to, McCormick & Murphy, P. C., these are the most common injuries that occur in the workplace.

Muscle strains

Muscle strains are one of the most concurrent work-related injuries as anyone who lifts heavy products will probably know it already. Neck and back strains are too commonly sustained while working.

Slips, trips, and falls

These all account for a larger portion of all workplace injuries, and they are one of the primary causes of workers’ compensation lawsuits. Examples of injuries sustained include back and neck injuries, head, pulled muscles, sprains, cuts, and broken bones.

Many of these injuries can be preventable. The employers should train the employees to prompt clean up debris, spills, and tracked-in rain. The facility manager needs to mark all the uneven decks and hazards that cannot be addressed promptly. Besides, the companies and businesses can opt to put non-slip mats in areas where the surface can become slippery.


Many workers can suffer electrocution-related injuries when working around exposed wires and cords. In many cases, workers sustain injuries of electrocution from working around power lines. The employers should ensure that all the electrical hazards within the working environment are identified and give their workers proper cautions.

Machine entanglements

This injury mostly occurs in factories where heavy equipment and machinery are used. Hair and fingers can get stuck in this type of machinery and hence cause injuries. The workers should wear protective attires and pull back long hairs or cover it to avoid such injuries.

Falling from heights

This type of accident occurs from elevated areas such as stairways, ladders, and roofs. They can be caused by faulty equipment of slip and fall accidents. Such accidents can be reduced by employers using proper protective equipment and training and employee diligence.

Repetitive motion workplace injuries

This type of injury is one of the severe injuries that can happen in the workplace. Repetitive motions such as typing for a long time can strain your muscles hence causing back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision problems.

Collisions and crashes

Accidents that result to crash are also common in the workplace. Whether they involve lorries, cars; they can have severe consequences. Therefore, it is a duty to every worker to ensure they fasten their seat belts or take any other essential safety precaution measures.

Falling objects injuries

Objects falling from shelves or dropped by a coworker can lead to severe injuries. One of the common injuries associated with falling object injuries is a head injury. The key to prevent these injuries is the workers’ diligence and employer focus to keep the working environment free from hazards.

When you sustain injuries in the workplace, you should file a worker’s compensation claim to get compensated for your lost wages and medical costs. However, your attorney can also advise you on the possibility of recovering the losses from a liable third party whose negligence is the fault of your injuries.

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