Pimple And Blackheads- The Dire Condition For The Youngsters


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Too much pollution and stress, this is the reality where we are living. Where everyone wants a flawless skin and clear face but many of the conditions make it difficult and it remains like a dream to have. It is very much distressing when you see a big pimple on your face and you have to go for some big event.

Sometimes people get embarrassed by having lots of pimple on their face. Having a pimple is one case but after their removal, their marks make you unhappy. But you can minimize these breakouts with the proper care of your face.

Many of the medicines and creams are available in the market and nowadays people are getting in touch with the online market when they are going through a busy schedule. Canadian Pharmacy store where people are having all kinds of medicines and at the low cost, its authenticity and legitimacy make it more popular among people.

Factors Responsible For Acne

Many factors are responsible for the pimples and blackheads. They begin in the pore of your skin so, it’s becomes very important to make the pores clean. The healthy pore is clean and unblocked. Pollution, dust, oil and dead skin all make it your face full of pimples. Never pull off the pimples by your hands or nails as it can spread the bacteria.

There is a defense mechanism on your face that people actually are not aware of. The face is having a layer of acid that protects the face from bacteria but when we wash the face the acid also get washed off and it takes one hour to generate that protection. Many of the beauty experts suggest applying moisturizer on your face after washing and it is because your face needs some protection from the bacteria and other toxins.


To have the healthy skin and clear face you have to unclog the pore and keep maintaining the layer of protection on it. The best way to unclog the pores is to exfoliate through the scrub. It is better to choose the natural beauty products. Nowadays we are having all the chemical based products that harm skin, so before picking any makeup or beauty products first be sure about its components. Go for something gentle that does not harm your skin.

There are many treatments available in the market like acne treatment that is based on many chemicals that helps to make the face acne free without any side effects. Benzoyl peroxide helps to force the oxygen into the pores that kill the acne bacteria’s as they hate oxygen. Salicylic acid and tea tree oil also work by cleaning the clogs. Tea tree oil is also recommended for killing the acne bacteria.

When a first pimple gets out from the face it’s the time when one is entered into teenage, but never leave it untreated make all the possible way to get rid of these as it can leave marks. Having a clean face and flawless skin is the first factor of your attitude.

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