Why pure breeds aren’t always the best  


It seems slightly sad that all of the pure breeds of cat have beautiful names like Siamese, Manx and British Blue but a cat with no distinguishable breed is simply known as a ‘moggy’ now I have had moggies my entire life, not necessarily as a conscious choice but because I have a bit of a soft spot for rescue animals and you tend to find that the pure breeds don’t usually find their way to the animal rescue centres, but they are however awash with the good old moggy.


If like me you love your non-breed cats but perhaps like the look of the face of a British Blue why not pop along to https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/ where you can find some great Cat Lap trays with their faces on it. There are actually some great benefits to choosing a moggy instead of a pure breed:


·       They tend to be stronger in their genetics this is because when nature is allowed to take over and cats breed as they wish the best genes are selected much as in humans and other animals. This means that moggies are usually healthier, smarter and have a more robust constitution that pure breeds. Pure breeds tend to have more health complaints as the natural selection of the more dominant genes does not occur in the same way.

·       Pure breeds do not groom themselves any more than standard cats do. Persistent cleaning is a cat thing, regardless of their breeding. The difference that is found is usually in their fur length. Pure breeds such as ragdolls tend to have very long fur and will require a lot of grooming both by the cat and the owner, whereas moggies tend to have shorter fur and don’t require so much maintenance by either party.

·       There is a saying about ‘pretty but not that clever’ (although sometimes this is not put as politely) this can definitely be the case for some pure breeds. Moggies on the other hand tend to be very intelligent and will often be found exploring their surroundings and trying to figure out how they can get their way into the treat tin. They also appreciate a challenge and so will have hours of fun with the variety of toys and snack puzzles that you can find for cats.



When it comes down to it your choice of cat will solely depend on the one that you feel that you will bond with the most and it doesn’t really matter whether they are an expensive pure breed or your standard rescue moggy!

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