When Should You Replace Your Sash Windows?


Sash windows make for an attractive addition to your home, enhancing its style and character. Like any windows, sash varieties will need replacing over time, but how do you know when that time has come?

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Poor-Quality Frames
According to The Green Age, sash windows are designed to be refurbished regularly – every decade or so. Inspect the frames of your sash windows to see if they need updating. If they’re in poor condition, or you have to continually maintain wooden frames to keep them looking good, now might be the time for an upgrade.

If you like the look of timber, there are sash windows available that resemble wood but are easier to maintain.

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Hard to Open or Close
When you struggle to open your sash windows or close them properly, then you know that it’s time to consult a windows Dublin specialist such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/ to get your sash windows replaced. Not being able to open your windows properly means you aren’t making full use of them, but failure to close them properly also poses a security risk, giving burglars an open invitation to enter your home. Windows that jam or are stiff to move will also need some attention.

It’s worth noting that new sash windows also come with a range of security features, giving you added peace of mind that your property is protected.

It’s Draughty
If you feel a breeze by your sash windows, they could be letting cold air enter from outside. A draughty home isn’t a pleasant prospect in winter, and it could send your energy bills soaring. This is the most common reason for replacing sash windows, and the good news is that there are lots of energy-efficient options available when you switch to new ones. High-quality frames and glazing using thermal insulation on new sash windows will keep nuisance draughts at bay.

You Can Hear Noise From Outside
Modern windows are designed to prevent sounds from outside entering a building, and new sash windows are no exception. If you have increasingly noticed that you can hear noises from outside, especially if you live on a busy road, your old sash windows might not have the adequate sound insulation you require. Now is a good time to consider getting your old sash windows replaced for newer, more effective ones.

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