Six ways to use your conservatory


Adding a conservatory to your home is a great way to boost its value and enjoy an additional room in your house. There are many ways you can utilize this space that are creative and practical. Read on for some ideas about how to use your conservatory.

           1. Games room

If you have a conservatory, you could use this space to create your own games room. Many games can fit in a conservatory, from a pool table or table tennis to a darts board and the latest games consoles. It could also be the perfect place for the kids to enjoy board games and toys.

  1. Greenhouse

Conservatories have lots of glass. This makes them ideal for a greenhouse for plants. You could grow colourful flowers such as orchids, or focus on growing fruit and vegetables like tomatoes and strawberries. You will need the right level of ventilation and good blinds to control the temperature, light and shade.

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  1. Relaxing Sun Room

The conservatory is a great space to relax and unwind. Think about recliner chairs, foot stools, throws and cushions. In the summer, the sun will stream in, creating a calming sun room. When creating a sun room from conservatories Tewkesbury has many specialists to choose from, such as All other UK cities also have experts in conservatories to create your perfect relaxation space.

  1. Home Office

For a more practical use, you could use the conservatory as a home office space. Place a desk, office chair, computer, printer and other equipment in here, and you’ll have a great room for working while also getting pleasant views across the garden. Choose good blinds to prevent glare on the computer screen, and consider a square-shaped room design for easier furnishing.

  1. Dining Room

Place a dining table and chairs in your conservatory to turn it into a stylish dining room. The table becomes the focal point for dinner parties, so consider an extendable table for adding more space. You could also use a foldable table and chairs if you have a smaller conservatory.

  1. Guest Bedroom

Having a bedroom downstairs is highly practical for guests. You could decorate it like a bedroom or select a stylish sofa bed for a more flexible option. Think about the right blinds and heating solutions for using this as a bedroom in the hottest and coldest months.

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