Natural dog diets: Why is raw food not the best option for your furry friend?


We are always on the prowl for the best organic food and non-GMO supplements for ourselves. So, why should we feed our beloved pets from packets and cans?

An all-natural, raw diet seems like the most natural and best diet for our furry friends. After all, that’s what they ate in the wild! Raw dog food can include raw meat, both white and red, bones, vegetables, and fruits.

Why is raw meat and veggies, not the best natural diet for your dog?

The raw food diet brings several health benefits to the dogs, including cleaner teeth, stronger jowls, smaller stools, healthier skins, and shinier coats, and, of course, higher energy levels.

However, raw meat can contribute to a significant rise in gut bacteria level, and it can pose a threat to the human lives around the dog. Most importantly, the dog isn’t foraging for his or her food. We are providing them with a raw, albeit restricted diet. It can lead to severe deficiency diseases. Larger bone fragments in the unprocessed meat increase the risks of internal injury in the GI tract, broken teeth, and mouth wounds, and choking.

Why should you consider packaged natural dog food?

Although raw seems like the ideal diet for your dog, it is NOT the best natural diet you can opt for. Apart from the whole range of health problems it can trigger, raw diets are much costlier than the best natural dog food. The premium quality natural dog food can cost as less as $1 per day for a 30-pound majestic beast.

Natural and organic dog food brands are now flooding the market with their wide range of ingredients. Natural dog food options can cater to your pup with digestive issues, and it can give your geriatric dog higher energy too. These are cost-effective but efficient ways to improve your pup’s quality of life without compromising the flavors.

What is natural dog food?

Right now, the best brands of natural dog food exclude all forms of artificial colors and flavors from their dog food. You will only find specific vitamins and non-GMO supplements in the specialized natural dog foods targeted at puppies, dogs with deficiencies, or senior dogs with special needs. Therefore, the ingredients of natural dog food can only come from animals, plants, and other naturally occurring minerals.

If you are looking at the best natural dog food that is also “grain-free,” then the food does not have any soy, corn, wheat, rice, or oats. Vets typically prescribe diets belonging to this category for dogs with high sensitivity towards multiple allergens found in food.

What is organic dog food?

On the other hand, premium brands offering organic food for dogs ensure that the food contains no traces of GMO plants or organisms. Moreover, the plant and animal ingredients should not have antibiotics, artificial hormones, or toxins. All components of organic food need to be free of pesticides and harmful preservatives.

These are the primary reasons organic food is costlier than your regular dog food. Even the premium food you can buy at the pet store can have traces of colorants, preservatives, and artificial flavoring. However, most organic, as well as natural, dog food, lack the harmful chemicals that can challenge your pooch’s health.


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