Why are property visits so useful?


Landlords can check that the property is habitable

A visit to a rented property every six months is recommended, so that the landlord can perform a number of checks to make sure everything is in working order and that the house or apartment is habitable.

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Check ins and outs, as well as inventories, are commonly used in today’s property market. However, visits are less common. Only 50% of rented properties are regularly visited, which means that the remainder are not inspected at all. Property visits are essential to ensure that the property is well maintained and that any necessary work is carried out promptly. It’s also recommended that the property is visited regularly to stamp out any subletting.

A visit to a property can be carried out by an independent agent who will assess any maintenance requirements or identify any urgent work that needs to be carried out. Taking photos will allow the landlord to resolve any issues. Organising a property visit using an independent professional can also benefit the tenant, as they are wholly impartial. Therefore, both the tenant and the landlord will be treated equally in the process.


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Property inventory software is a beneficial tool

A useful tool for any professional involved in the housing business is property inventory software. It allows online interactive reports to be shared. The question is how much can property inventory software cost? Regardless of the cost, it can prove to be beneficial for all those involved.

According to Property Reporter, turning up unannounced can be inconvenient for the tenant. One of the main causes of friction between landlords and tenants is a misunderstanding of when the landlord is entitled to visit. It’s reasonable to assume that landlords will have to visit a property at some point, but it’s important to know that these visits can’t be made whenever they like. In accordance with the law, landlords are required to give 24 hours’ notice before the visit, or else the tenants are well within their rights to refuse entry.

Using a property management professional means that a dedicated team of people plan and make contact with the tenants in relation to visits. The letting agent is freed up and the pressure is taken off the landlords. An independent professional can also keep up to date with legislation, which is essential.

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