Entertainment Ideas for A Wedding


Over the years, weddings have evolved. No longer are weddings just a presentation of two people becoming one, these events are celebrations filled with entertainment and food. Today, weddings are fun filled events that are found to be entertaining for guests.


Music is a great way to provide some extra entertainment to a wedding. Tunes can be delivered via a live band of a disc jockey. Regardless of which avenue the wedding planners take to provide entertainment to the ears of guest, music is a great way to assist people with having fun. During the wedding reception, music can be provided to the guests so that they will have something to dance to.

Table Games and Outdoor Games

Sometimes guest can become bored if they are times during your wedding or your reception when there is nothing going on or everyone is waiting to engage in the next activity. Table trivia a great way to keep your guests entertained so that they will not get bored. Who said, just because you are getting married that you can’t be a kid at heart? There are a number of outdoor games that you can incorporate during your special day.

Comedian and Live Painter

Everyone loves to laugh at some point in time, so why not allow them to laugh at your wedding. Local comedians exist everywhere, just go to a local comedy club and pick one that is entertaining to you. You may not want them to perform during your wedding ceremony but they can become a big hit during your wedding breakfast or during your reception. A live painter can become a source of entertainment as the artist captures you and your new spouse on y’all’s special day.

Karaoke and Choreographed Dancing

Karaoke at your wedding can be very entertaining, especially after all of your adult guests have had a couple of drinks. Karaoke can help people to let their hair down and truly have fun and enjoy themselves. If you don’t have two left feet then you may consider learning a choreographed dance routine. This can be done alone or with some of your friends. A choreographed dance routine will surely wow your spouse and your guests during your reception. If you are pondering on what dance routine to perform then a recommendation would be to choose one from a popular movie. A dance routine from a popular movie would surely wow the crowd and keep them entertained.

More Outside Entertainment

If your wedding venue has a spacious outdoor area then why not put it to good use. You can rent a Ferris wheel for your special day. Your guests will have so much fun and to add more entertainment, you could take cute pictures of your guests as they enjoy themselves on the Ferris wheel. Another good, idea for outside entertainment is to hire entertainers for a circus show. A circus show is a good idea if you can locate the proper performers. One thing to take into consideration is that your circus show may overshadow your day; more people will be talking about the circus show than your actual wedding.

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