How to Throw a Graduation Party for Beginners


Every year, 3.7 million high school students graduate, which is a big deal! If you and your friends are graduating this year, then you’ll want to throw an amazing party to celebrate everything you’ve achieved and the new chapter that’s about to open for your lives.

But where do you even start? What do you need to make this party truly fantastic?

Read on to learn how to throw a graduation party that’s unforgettable!

Figure Out the Location

The location of your party is important, and hosting at home vs at a venue have their own pros and cons.

If you only want to invite a few friends over, an intimate backyard party can be ideal. This also means you don’t have to pay more to rent out a venue, as you’ll have a graduation house party instead.

However, if you want to invite your entire graduating class to celebrate and you want to go wild, a venue is more appropriate. That way, you don’t bother your neighbors and you won’t have to worry about cleanup. Many venues also have party packages, so the burden of things like decorations, entertainment, food, etc. is on them!

Choose a Theme

Parties are much more interesting when you have a theme, and graduation parties are no exception! A popular theme you can consider is a luau. Not only is graduation during the summer (so it’s perfect beach weather), but a tropical theme is nice and laidback.

But really, it’s up to you to choose a theme you and your friends will love. For example, if you’re into video games, you can host a Mario-themed graduation party.

Don’t Forget About the Food

You and your friends will need plenty of fuel to party all night, so don’t forget to put food on your graduation party checklist. Depending on how long your party is and when it’s held, you might need to plan for meals too.

While you can cook your own food, consider having meals catered to save time and reduce stress. For smaller things like snacks and drinks, you can make and purchase those things yourself or even have everyone bring a little something so they contribute to the party.

Address the Small Details

One of the best tips for throwing a party is to pay attention to the small details. In this case, doing something like buying class rings for everyone and giving out goody bags can be an outstanding touch.

For your graduation party supplies, making sure they’re all on-theme and in the same color scheme is fantastic. If you’re sending out physical invites, getting handmade cards that match your party theme is a nice touch too.

Know How to Throw a Graduation Party That’s Fun

Now that you know how to throw a graduation party, it’s time to get started. Pick a location, choose a theme, and get all the small details figured out. Before you know it, you’ll be partying like an animal with all your friends and it’ll be a night to remember!

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