Top Things to Know before Moving to Malta


Expats who are looking for jobs in an English-speaking country regard Malta as a haven. The easygoing Mediterranean lifestyle of the country and the glorious sunshine is enough to make you consider moving to Malta. If you are thinking of moving there or have already begun the process, there are some things you should know. Read on to know what they are:

  • Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Malta is not very different from other Mediterranean countries, which means it is easygoing and relaxed. The locals go out of their way to help so you can ask anyone if you need some assistance.

  • Documentation

Before you embark on your new adventure of moving to Malta, it is a good idea to have all appropriate documentation. This includes everything from work references, bank statements, previous lease agreements and medical records.

  • Budgeting

It is essential for you to do some budgeting before moving to Malta in order to ensure it is feasible for you. The cost of living is generally not very high. In fact, it is lower than most European countries, but it can depend on whether you are moving alone or with family.

  • Transport

There are public buses you can use for transport and you can cut down your costs by getting a card made. It is called Tallinja and you can register for it online.

  • Work

It is recommended to find work before actually moving to Malta as this can take off a lot of pressure and save you from having to invade your savings.

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