Six Clothing Colours and How They Affect Your Mood


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It’s widely known that red gives a confidence boost, while yellow, blue and green will make you feel calm and relaxed. Colour is a powerful tool, and it can be used in clothing to illustrate our personalities and give our low mood a boost.

Be Bold and Daring with Red

Women who wear red are daring, as it is such a bold colour and often difficult to carry off. It’s important to make sure your skin tone blends in well with red. A red figure-hugging dress or a bright red blazer with matching shoes will certainly give you a sensuality boost.

Also big and bold is orange, and many say that it can enhance creativity. It’s best worn along with neutral colours and is linked to excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It’s also a very autumnal colour and is ideal for when those cooler days approach. A stylish dark orange coat can lift your mood as those dark nights approach.

Black is the go-to colour when we aren’t sure what to wear. A bonus is that it creates a slimming effect and can be very flattering. Make sure the black outfit is less funereal and more glamorous, and do wear it with coloured accessories.

Choose Blue for a Moment of Relaxation

Blue is said to reduce blood pressure and is perfect for a casual early evening outfit in which you can relax after work. If you are heading out, however, a blue maxi dress is a good choice for cool summer evenings, and it can be teamed with a smart pashmina and a pair of sandals or wedges to make you look effortlessly sophisticated. The blue maxi dress available at AX Paris can be added to your wardrobe and your suitcase.

Blue is a favourite of celebrities too. According to The Express, Holly Willoughby, a champion of the high street, wore a long-sleeved blue floral dress for a television appearance.

Yellow is a wonderfully sunny colour and a real pick-me-up. Yellow is also associated with inspiration and intelligence, so maybe choosing a yellow outfit for an exam might give you added creativity.

Green is another stress-reducing colour, and there are so many shades to choose from which mirror the great outdoors. Green is also refreshing and another excellent choice to help you get through your exams.

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