Fresh Jobs in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most promising cities in Canada. With a population estimate of about 1.2 million, the city is at the peak of its business potential. It is the second most corporate city after Toronto, the country’s capital. It enjoys a very serene business environment, ideal for budding entrepreneurs and potential investors. Trends in Economy The economy of Calgary has for a long time been defined by oil and gas. Up till the oil crisis of 1980’s, the economy of this city was very strong and promising. The economic slump that hit at around the same time set everything on a completely different path. This marked the onset of diversification. Today, Calgary’s economy is no longer one-sided. Various sectors emerged and are already reshaping the economy as it were. Though the energy industry is very significant, the economy is no longer holistically dependent on it for meaningful growth. Employment Trends With the radical changes in the economy, employment and job creation have also shifted in terms of the defining parameters. Employment in the then oil-based economy was largely bent on technical and little of management knowledge. Today however, Calgary boasts a completely new trend in the job creation and employment sector. Information Technology (IT) and other technical information related skills are re-sculpturing the employment landscape. Most of the top employers in the energy sector, chemical sector and hotel & tourism sector are seeking individuals with sufficient knowledge in IT. This comes in the wake of a shift from manufacturing to service delivery in the entire globe. Unemployment figures in the city are at their lowest in decades. According to the latest report by Statistics Canada, only a meagre 4.9% of Calgarians are unemployed. This is far below the overall national projections of 7.4% for the same time period.

Best Employers in Calgary The best employers in this city are undoubtedly the best performing sectors and they include: Oil and gas Hotel & tourism Chemicals The Oil and Gas Sector This is what identified Calgary decades back, when the economy was largely petroleum-driven. With economic diversification, the story has changed but not much. The sector still accounts for some of the best paying jobs in the city. Such include: Mechanical engineering Petroleum engineering Mining engineering Essentially speaking, engineers are highly demanded in this sector of the economy. Hotel & Tourism With its strategic geographical location, Calgary offers more than enough attractions. Being one of the most corporate and populous cities, it attracts up to 3 million tourists annually. This irresistible tourist destination has some of the best hotel facilities in Canada. The industry boasts the largest number of new jobs annually. Chemicals Sector In Calgary’s economy, the position of the chemical industry is very visible. The industry accounts for a big number of jobs is the city. Some of the chief employers in the chemicals sector include: Dow chemicals Nova chemicals

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