Why you should consider using wholesale VoIP


VoIP communications platforms are becoming more popular globally as businesses realise how flexible they are. Using VoIP gets rids of many of the infrastructure costs that were associated with old-school landlines.

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What is VoIP wholesale?
This service is generally one where a carrier offers a wholesale product to other providers. With this kind of service, the user can add on services, introduce extensions or additions, and scale up without encountering any trouble at all.

With a provider who offers wholesale rates, the user will benefit from the global network that the provider has established with the rates that have been negotiated with carriers all around the world. While VoIP to VoIP calls can cost very little, sometimes a VoIP call can terminate at a landline or a mobile phone that is connected to a network, which may charge a substantial sum for terminating the call. This is especially true in some developing nations, where incoming calls can be seen as a lucrative source of revenue. For an update on connectivity in developing nations, see this report from the Guardian.

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Cost benefits
With the right package from a provider with a global network, a business does not have to worry about the costs of call origination or termination. The quality of the telephony delivered will be high, and the add-on services, such as call diversion, data storage, dedicated lines for important clients, and bespoke security solutions, will add value and functionality to the platform. Integrating new technology or services is easy, and with the right package, a VoIP platform can be easily scaled up to accommodate a surge in business.

If you want to find out more about VoIP wholesale benefits, why not Follow this link to find out more on VoIP and how it can deliver more flexibility and better communications value to your business.

VoIP is reliably delivering a large range of communication advantages to all kinds of businesses every day. Plus, VoIP makes features such as teleconferencing, which were not possible with traditional network connections, easily achievable. For many businesses, the cost advantage of using VoIP is a compelling argument for using it. By choosing a good provider with excellent wholesale rates, those cost advantages will be a regular part of using your VoIP platform.

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