Which SAP single platform is right for streaming information within your business


When it comes to selecting the best single SAP platform, you really need to know what type of business you are running, what your requirements are, and what the best method of delivery would be. Let’s take a look at all of those questions and see which solution will suit your business best.

Determine What Type Of Single SAP Platform You Want To Use

First, you have to determine what type of single SAP platform you want to use. There are many platforms available to you, so you should really know what it is that you need. Some of them are designed for real-time data processing, while others are designed to handle streaming data.

Understand If The Single SAP Platform You Are Considering Is Suited For Your Specific Business Needs

You also need to know if the single SAP platform you are considering using is suited for your specific business needs. You can get this information by asking your account manager or your salesperson. It is better to have a general idea of what your specific business needs are and what you expect from your SAP single platform, rather than jumping in with both feet. If you are looking for a solution that provides business intelligence, planning, predictive, and other functionalities that place in one, then SAP Business Objects is the best for you.

Determine How Big Your SAP Business Is

Also, you need to determine how big your SAP business is. If you are running a small operation, then you probably want a smaller platform. However, if you are running a huge operation, then you might consider a bigger platform. You should have some idea of how much data you are processing in a day or week so that you can plan out your budget accordingly.

Think About Your Company’s Infrastructure

Another thing, you need to think about your company’s infrastructure. If your data is processed on the back end, then you don’t need a dedicated back end. However, if your data is processed on the front end, then you do need a dedicated front end server. Then there are servers that sit on-premise, which means that they will be attached to your company’s network, but they are not actually part of the company’s network.

Be Familiar With The Various Ways In Which You Can Use SAP, Both Internally And Externally

Also, you will want to make sure that you are familiar with the various ways in which you can use SAP, both internally and externally. if you are planning to deploy it to other departments.

Consider Using A Platform That Is Compatible With All Of The Different SAP Products And Services You Use

If you are still trying to decide which single SAP platform is right for streaming data within your SAP system, you will want to consider using a platform that is compatible with all of the different SAP products and services that you use. After all, this is the only way that you can continue to grow and expand your business as the company grows.

Know Whether You Want To Store Streaming Data Internally

Lastly, the way that you use SAP for streaming data will determine what kind of data you store and how you store it, so you will want to know whether you want to store streaming data internally in the same way that you store data on-premise, or if you would like to use the same environment as you do on-premise. If you do not use the same environment, then it is important that you have a solid understanding of how to deploy your SAP applications externally to another company, so that you are able to deploy the application internally.


So when you ask, Which SAP single platform is right for streaming information within your business? Well obviously, it depends on your company and your needs. So, you can take a look at your company and see how it works to determine what types of options you might want to pursue.

It is really important to remember that it really depends on what you are using SAP for and how you are using it. If you can easily scale up and down your application in a timely manner, then you may decide that you want to go with a single SAP platform that is designed for streaming data.

In addition, some single SAP platforms are designed for streaming data because they can provide you with instant, real-time results. If your application is designed for real-time results, then you might want to go with SAP, because you can use it on any hardware and any system, so long as the server is capable of processing streaming data.

Some other features that you might want to consider when selecting which single SAP platform is right for you are the ability to install, configure and manage your SAP on-premise, so long as the servers are compatible with it. Also, the ability to manage applications by assigning permissions and managing security to them.


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