Try these ideas to make more of your digital signage


Digital displays are a wonderfully versatile tool when it comes to selling product. They let you present images, videos, and information engagingly. Many companies, however, struggle with how best to use digital marketing, especially if it hasn’t been part of their marketing plans in the past. Here are five easy ways to help you get the most out of your digital marketing.

1. Pick a featured product or service

Digital displays that focus on just one product or service can be incredibly effective as there is no chance for your message to get diluted or audiences to get confused. Think about a core product you want to sell, a new one you want to promote and boost sales for, or a service you think customers will get a lot from.

2. Explain what you are selling

It isn’t enough to merely feature an image or a slogan on your digital display; you need to explain what you are selling. What is it that makes it so important a customer buys it – what can’t they live without? In today’s tough economic times, customers don’t want to waste money. They want good value and a high-quality product. Let them know this is what they are getting.

3. Get creative

Depending on where your digital signage is, and how captive an audience you have, you might want to think about advertising your products creatively. One way to do this is in between other content. Can you broadcast shows, for example, and include your ads during the commercial breaks? Media companies such as can help you with options such as this.

4. Inform people

Digital displays have the flexibility to share information as well as sell products. You will keep people engaged with your advertising if you are also giving them something else – some piece of information they weren’t aware of. Make sure information shared is relevant to your business, which will create a link between you and your customer.

5. Let customers know what you stand for

A great way to use digital media is to share your company’s mission, vision and values. Customers want to know the type of business they are buying from and that you deserve their money. A short ad or graphic can do just that.


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