Tips for Luxury Resorts Australia


Australia is one of those tourist destinations of the world that has everything in store for you. Whether you like adventure or leisure or even romance, you ask for it and Australia has it ready for you. It is true that there are several holiday destinations around the world. However, if you ask most of the frequent travelers, you will come to know that there are very few places like Australia.

There are several types of tourists who travel to Australia. Some like to stay within a pre-planned budget and some like to spend like there is no tomorrow. No matter what type of a traveler you are, you will surely find a suitable lodging as per your likes and preferences. There are budget lodgings in Australia and there are luxury resorts, as well.

Some of the Best Luxury Resorts of Australia

When you talk about Luxury Lodges of Australia, you basically refer to a group of some of the best high-end and sophisticated camps and lodges that are situated all across the country. When clubbed together, they showcase the extraordinary diversity of experience and place of Australia. A couple of the best luxury resorts of Australia have been discussed below for your knowledge.

The Louise

If you spend a few days in a luxury vineyard retreat, then The Louise will be a great choice for you. The luxury resort is situated on top of a gentle hill and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of vines along with some of the most exquisite vistas across the globe and known by Barossa Valley.

There are 15 luxuriously designed suites for the guests, each of which come with their own individual terrace. The suites are designed in such a way that guests can enjoy their privacy. You will also find private exterior guest space that are provide by a rather spacious gated courtyard along with a pretty secluded rear terrace. The suites are equipped with all the worldly amenities that you will require during your visit.

Lizard Island

This happens to be the northern-most island beach resort and is totally secluded from the rest of the world. It is situated almost 240 km north of Cairns and right on the Great Barrier Reef. You will find roughly 24 powdery-white beaches, 40 understated beach suites in this property and more than 1000 hectares of national park.

The rooms of this luxury resort is divided into several categories, such as The Villa, The Pavilion, Beachfront Suites, Oceanview Villas, Gardenview Suites, and Gardenview Rooms. All the rooms are luxuriously designed and well-equipped with all the modern day amenities and facilities.

Tips To Find the Best Luxury Resort in Australia

When you decide to visit Australia for your next holiday and wish to stay a few days in a luxury resort, it is important that you find a few good options before you can decide upon the most suitable for your vacation. You need to compare the different options based on their rates, package options, and other facilities that they provide.

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