Skip Bin Hire Pricing Explained


People who are used to do spring cleaning and landscaping have to deal with huge amount of waste. You have to take all the waste to the nearest transfer station to dispose the waste. It is a tedious task and takes multiple trips for you to get all the waste cleared. Thus, taking a lot of time. The easiest and most comfortable way to remove the waste is to hire a skip bin and get rid of the waste in just one trip.

Managing Waste – Solution is Skip Bin Hire

The skip bin is a big bin which is used to throw waste. It is cost-efficient and easy to manage waste when you hire a skip bin. You may use it for domestic, commercial or industrial waste. It is your choice and requirement which matters. You have variety of options available in the market. The different type of bins available are mini skip bin, bulk bins, special purpose bins and walk in bins.

You can use these bins to dispose rubbish which is caused by home cleaning, garden cleaning, building demolition or asbestos removal. This is best way in which you can remove the rubbish in an environmental safe way which also saves your time.

Cost of Skip Bin and the Right Size to Choose

The bins are available in many sizes but the most useful ones are Mini skip bins, Medium skip bins and large skip bins. The largest ones are the costliest and the smaller are much reasonable priced as you can see on There are multiple factors that affect the cost of the ski bin hire.

  1. Distance of your house and the dump station.
  2. The hire time.
  3. Size and type of bin you choose.

Always choose the skip bin wisely according to the amount of waste you want to dispose. Listed below are the feature and price of the skip bins which are frequently used by many people.

  1. Mini Skip Bins: The 2 cubic meters Mini ski bins are very useful when it comes to dispose the rubbish after spring cleaning or moving objects, office cleaning and garden rubbish removal. It would cost you approximately $260 to $300. It is one of the most popular option of skip bin because of its small size. It is the best choice for small jobs.

Dimension: 1.8m long x 1.5m wide x 0.9m high.

Capacity: 2 trailer approx.

Price: $260 to $300.

  1. Medium Skip Bins: These are available in the size of 3m3 and 4m3. They are used when you have rubbish created by small cleaning and renovations for e.g. bathroom or kitchen renovations done. They cost you approximately $350 to $370.

Dimension: 3m3: 3.1 long x 1.5m x 0.9m height.

Capacity: 4 trailer loads.

Price: $350 to $370.

  1. Large Skip Bins: If you have a huge pile of waste generated from a large demolition of a building you can use a large skip bin. The size of the large ski bin ranges from 6to 12 cubic meters. The price of the large ski is in the range of $550 to $700.

Dimension: 6m3: 3.7 long x 1.7m wide x1.3m high.

Capacity: Approximately 6 trailer load

Rice Range: $550 to $700

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