Big Data involves the processing of massive sets of information to make usable models that provide solutions to various problems faced by businesses and companies. It works with the data which has been warehoused by corporations. Different statistical tools are applied to this data in order to find insights and patterns. These patterns help companies find hidden strategies and tactics that they can apply in order to get the best performance values. Big data analysts and data scientists are skilled in this job. They make sense of data that is mostly unorganized by manipulating them into proper usable formats. In a world that is facing a data crisis, these employees have immense value in business operations and the IT industry in general.


Hadoop is a set of tools that help the data scientists to manipulate the data and transform it into an application form. These tools can then be used to apply statistical methods. For instance, MapR helps the analyst to remove unnecessary variables from the data. It makes the data simple enough so that there are no complications while performing the analysis. Hive is a data storage unit that helps scientists to draw data in any format they prefer. Pig converts standard programming language into Pig Latin so it is easily understandable. These tools have huge practical usage when it comes to conducting professional big data analysis and is very popular in the industry.


Since Hadoop has so many applications in the industry, it should come as no surprise that employers are looking for individuals skilled in these tools. Therefore, certifications help a lot in order to recruit the right individuals suitable for the job. There are many certification programs available in the market. Some of the most popular courses are offered by organizations such as Cloudera and Simplilearn. These companies train the candidates in different Hadoop tools and build practical knowledge so that they can apply the tools to build something useful. Once the basics are clear, it is the responsibility to make models that are deemed helpful to the industry. Making applications and machine learning models is the best way to improve employability prospects.


Big Data and Hadoop have a number of usages in different industries and fields. Some of them have changed the way certain corporations work and have contributed innovative ideas to better the world.

  1. Big data has helped businesses to find seasonal patterns in their sales. The data scientists help firms to analyze their sales data, profits, and customer feedback. These data sets are then able to tell when a business gets the best returns from the market. The administration can then capitalize on this information by using different business tactics and planning their best product portfolio to be released accordingly.
  2. Hadoop technologies have helped to analyze pharmaceutical data and patient information so that doctors and healthcare professionals can understand disease transmission and their cures better. Through data analysis, doctors and medical corporations are able to predict what medication or treatment suits a certain patient better. This has helped many critical patients suffering from various illnesses and having a wide range of histories to get cured and live a healthy life.
  3. Big Data and Hadoop have become the most used technologies in Silicon Valley. IT companies are using data analysis to understand what their customers want. By conducting research on past choices, companies can now predict what their clients might like to have. The same technology has found applications in many companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Uber.


Big Data analysts and Hadoop architects are some of the most demanded employees in the IT industry. Data Scientists are being recruited in many corporations with varying philosophies to help them find solutions to their problems. Javascript Architects are employed to help companies with Hadoop tools as well. There is a variety in the needs of each company that wants to perform data analysis and they recruit on the basis of their requirements. It just so happens that Big Data and Hadoop are some of the common skills that these employees possess.

Earning a Big Data Hadoop certification is a gateway to many worthy job opportunities. Big data analysts earn an average of $125,000 every year. These individuals work in a variety of industries and with a number of clients to solve specific problems and get paid according to the product quality as well. Professional data scientists who liked t be challenged in their job will certainly earn more. Therefore, the certification is definitely worth the effort and investment.

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