Great Reasons for Setting up a Company in Malta


There are excellent reasons for non-residents to set up a company in Malta. Most people are under the misconception that forming a company in Malta is a complicated process, but this is not the case. In fact, the country has introduced supportive measures to help people in forming a company there. Here are some excellent reasons to set up a company in Malta:

  • Great tax measures

Malta has a full-imputation system where corporate tax is concerned. This means that means the income tax paid by a Maltese company is credited to shareholders receiving the company’s dividends. Hence, the 35% hefty corporate tax is reduced significantly and this provides incentive to set up and run a company in Malta. Also, no taxes have to be paid on interests, dividends and royalties.

  • Duty exemptions

An excellent reason to set up a company in Malta is that those that do international activities don’t have to pay any duty on documents. This means that you will not have to any duty on transfer of shares or a rise in share capital.

  • Low costs of formation and maintenance

One of the top reasons to consider Malta company formation is that the incorporation and maintenance costs are very low. The registration fee is affordable for everyone and the minimum share capital requirements can easily be fulfilled. Similarly, the annual payments are not very high, which only adds to the reasons of setting up your operations in Malta.

  • No capital gains tax

If you look at other countries, capital gains are taxable, which usually occur due to a transfer of shares or rise in share capital. In Malta, this is not something you need to worry about because no capital gains taxes are applicable, as long as your company doesn’t have any moving assets in the country.

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