Five free SEO tools to make your life easier


There are a lot of SEO tools out there that promise the earth and then fail to deliver, but if you want to make your SEO and marketing life that bit simpler, we’ve done the valuable research for you and can attest to the value of these five free handy tools.

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Answer the Public

A highly-valued tool among content creators, Answer the Public uses Bing and Google suggestion results to assist in the creation of articles and blog posts that prioritise search intent. Prepositions, comparisons and questions can be downloaded and generated into a searchable spreadsheet, which allows for efficient relevance filtering. You can also choose to integrate Google’s Keyword Planner, which facilitates easy analysis of search volume.


This social tool both analyses keyword and content performance across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest, and assists in the discovery of key influencers within applicable niches. As well as integrating sophisticated content and keyword filters, BuzzSumo displays top-performing results in an easily digestible format.

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Keyword Tool

Professional SEO services in London recognise that there is an array of ways to identify relevant keywords but few are as comprehensive as Keyword Tool, which scrapes data from YouTube, Google, Bing, Instagram and Amazon. If you want access to CPC information and search volumes you will need to purchase a subscription but if keyword inspiration is what you need, the free version of this tool is more than capable of meeting your expectations.

Screaming Frog

This SEO spider essentially imitates search engine spiders, allowing you to crawl a site for auditing purposes. It will analyse a range of metrics, including images, links, HTML tags and CSS and display results within an interface that is intuitive and simple to navigate. Always look out for professional SEO services that will adopt a comprehensive approach to the SEO of your digital presence to ensure maximum visibility, reach and brand recognition.

Fake Followers Audit

Authenticity is essential to all aspects of digital marketing and this handy tool can quickly identify the number of fake followers any public social account has. Make sure to carefully identify which accounts you want to analyse because you can only undertake 25 searches each day.

Data-driven strategies will always deliver the most consistent and meaningful results and incorporating these free tools into your routine will efficiently simplify your SEO process.

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