Choosing a High-Quality Replica Bag


A genuine Louis Vuitton Crocodile Skin City Steamer priced at $10,000 may be a good deal, but it’s not cheap. How about a LV Crocodile Skin City Steamer replica at $500? Did you know that top quality replicas can be as good as genuine ones?

A replica is said to be the first copy of the original bag, created while carefully adhering to details of the original. The end product could be almost undistinguishable from the original. High-quality replicas use materials which closely resemble the real thing, including the metallic embellishments, seams and stiches, handles, and buckles.

It does matter where you buy your replica bag from. You will find numerous online black market sites selling fake designer bag knock-offs. Maybe you have even walked into one of those second hand stores in search of a good bargain and the bag you bought did not last as long as you would have wished. There are however, some trusted websites where you can find quality designer replica bags at affordable prices. Aliexpress replica bags are some of the high-end replica bags you can trust and buy from.

Why choose a replica bag?


Cost is the main reason why many customers choose replica goods. Some original designer bags may cost you as much as a down-payment for a good sedan car. Most people may not afford this, and others will find it too extravagant because of the speed at which fashion goes out of style these days.

Prices of replica bags vary depending on the amount of details and material that has gone into them. A high quality replica bag may retail at 25% – 40% of the retail price of the original designer bag, or higher. However these decently convincing replicas are certainly not easy to come by.

A very low quality replica can go for as little as $25. Only buy the extremely low-end bags if you need something for a brief show-off before it goes out of style, because they simply do not last.


Another reason to go for a replica bag is exclusivity. A luxury designer company may only produce a limited number of original bags in one production line, which will be channeled to high net worth clients first. The remaining bags, if any, will be distributed in major cities like New York, which reduces the chances of common designer bag lovers getting access to them, if they can afford.

Maintenance and usability

The third reason is maintenance and usability. Even if you possess an original designer bag, think about how often you will use it. The answer is: not that much. Moreover, the maintenance costs for such a high-end bag may just be another burden on your shoulders. You will need to provide special cleaning and storage, by keeping it safely in a dry space which is also free of insects or moisture. You will have to go all out to protect it like a newborn, since even the smallest scratch will affect your priced investment.

How are replica bags different?

A replica bag will differ from the original in marking, stamping, and branding. You can tell the level of quality of a replica by comparing it with the features of the original. Originals are quite heavy, have higher quality stitching, and are made of real leather. Great replicas should have qualities close to these and will be hard to discern. If a bag is too light, has visibly poor stitches, and shows signs of tear and wear, you can safely conclude that it is a fake.

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