6 Tips on Designing Flyers Online for Small Businesses


Most small businesses use flyers to increase brand awareness, especially if they want to promote an event or latest product. Flyers always play a significant role, even in the modern digital age.

Flyers are a low-cost advertising strategy to target an audience, which is why you need to create the most unique and compelling flyers that suit your brand personality. Here are 6 tips on designing flyers online to get you ready for printing and distribution.

  1. Always Have a Strategy

Before you start designing flyers online, you need to think about various aspects. The first thing on your mind should be who is your target audience. Is the content you want on the flyer good enough to gain their attention? How will you be distributing it to your ideal customer?

After narrowing down your marketing strategy, you need to start choosing your flyers’ size, shape, colors, and images. It is impossible to fit everything randomly, so you should strategize each step carefully to win over your target audience.

  1. Go Big on Contrast

Contrasting visuals are incredible flyer design ideas because they catch people’s attention in a heartbeat. Most people are hopelessly drawn to visuals with contrasting colors, primarily if you pit opposite colors against each other.

Highlight the main points of your flyers and create a pleasing contrasting effect that people cannot help but notice.

  1. Highlight Keywords

Think about certain words that define your business or industry. These are words that are always in your customer’s minds as they look for products or services that you offer. It is best to put these keywords on all your flyers in large bold letters.

  1. Think About Distance

A flyer is typically a thin sheet of paper that people get in their mailbox or see posted on a wall or pole on their street. Your pamphlet may act as a small poster as someone is walking by.

You need to create words and images on flyers that can be seen by people who move around, especially from a distance. Print out one of your flyers and stick it on a wall across the room.

Analyze whether it still captures your attention from afar. If not, here is a great tool to create a flyer that is guaranteed to impress.

  1. Call to Action

The main reason for designing flyers online is so you can include a call to action. This is the step you want your customers to take after they come across your leaflet.

Do you want them to buy a product? Visit your website? Or attend an event? You should always include this in your advertising. Ensure that you highlight your CTA with different colors and bold fonts to motivate customers to come back for more.

  1. Prioritize Important Details

Keep in mind that most people read flyers from the top. Therefore, this is where you should keep your most important information, like discounts, special offers, and things about your business.

If you are advertising a new event, including the date and location at the top of your flyer. Other information that is not particularly important can be scattered closer to the bottom. Your key high-quality images should also be at the top to make a powerful impact.

Designing Flyers Online Like a Pro

Now that you know how to start designing flyers online, you can make the best impression on your customers. There are plenty of flyer designs you can take inspiration from.

However, most viewers judge flyers by images, colors, and text. This is where you should showcase your brand by enhancing your visuals, fonts, and brand colors. If you enjoyed reading these advertising tips, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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