6 Best Practices To Keep Your Home Devoid Of Pests


We all live in an ecosystem. While humans might understand that it is not considered civil to show up at someone’s place unannounced, insects don’t.

At some point, we’ve all been attacked by pests in our own house. Usually, these encounters are followed by finding out that there are colonies of pests inside the house. Follow these practices mentioned below to keep your home free of pests.

Clean your home regularly

Pests thrive in a polluted atmosphere. A dirty house will attract them even more. So, if you don’t find it necessary to clean up your home and its surroundings, change your attitude.

Just because a thick layer of dust isn’t visible on the floor, doesn’t mean your place is clean. Clean up your house regularly and let fresh air come in to kill any foul smell present inside.

Fill all cracks

Cracks and crevices inside houses are like entry gates to pests. They find the night time to be the best time to creep into your kitchen or bathroom. So, make sure to block all unwanted holes that might allow the insects inside.

The kitchen sink is the most familiar passage for these little uninvited guests. Hence, it needs to be secured first.

Don’t stomp on insects

As satisfying as it may seem to a lot of people, stomping on an insect at your home to get rid of it can be the biggest mistake you’re making. It might kill that one insect, but it spreads the eggs inside it.

These eggs might not be visible to you, but they’ll grow up to take over your house. So, the next time you spot a cockroach sitting in your home, spray some insecticide on it.

Check your pets for pests

If you have pets, please check them from time to time for bugs. Cats and dogs usually catch fleas in their furs. Sadly, they can’t get rid of these little monsters living off of them on their own.

These bugs don’t just dirty your house; they can bite you and cause severe skin problems. So, make sure you’re taking good care of your pet by washing them regularly.

Don’t let water accumulate

A lot of flies and mosquitoes are tempted by dirty or freshwater stored openly. The trick is not to let water collect outside your house as it will bring pests in.

However, if you have a pool at your place, watch out for flies and spray them away.

Keep all your food items packed

Bugs feed on leftover food. So, keeping your food items unpacked and littered will look like an invitation for a party to them. To not let this happen, dispose off the food waste in the right places and keep your eatables packed nicely.

In addition to all these healthy practices, always get along with experienced professionals for Boise pest control to save your house from a pest apocalypse.

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