Why you should always defrost your car this winter


Icy and snowy car windscreens and mirrors are a typical winter nuisance, but motorists really need to get into the good habit of allowing extra time to completely defrost their car before attempting to drive.

Stay legal

There are several reasons why defrosting a car properly is so important, not least that driving a car without full and clear visibility of the road ahead is both illegal and plain silly. Before you even try to get going, it pays to invest in some basic items such as a de-icer spray and a scraper, throw on some gloves, and spend a little time making the vehicle safe to drive
Driving without full visibility risks not only a fine but also penalty points. Should you have an accident as a result of not defrosting the car properly, your insurance could even be invalidated.

Business owners beware

If you are in the motor trade and have a forecourt packed with cars that need defrosting, it may be tempting to leave a few engines running to speed things up while you are de-icing other vehicles; however, this is not a great idea. If any of them should be stolen as a result, your motor trade insurance is not likely to cover the losses. It is always worth asking about theft policies and potential exclusions when you get a quote from a broker such as www.quotemetoday.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance/.

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How to save time on defrosting

There are several easy hacks that can save you a little time on the dreaded but so important defrosting ritual. Perhaps they can even help your car out a little; for example, when you park up for the night, pull the wipers away from the window to save the rubber being damaged if you try to pull them away once frozen. If it is forecast to be minus something overnight, wait a few minutes after parking with your car door open to let the inside cool down. This reduces the chances of a frozen windscreen both inside and out.

The ultimate priority when driving at any time is the safety of both your vehicle and others on the road. Winter weather conditions can seriously threaten this, so take no chances and no shortcuts when it comes to defrosting.

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