Things to know about spray gun filters


Spray guns are a great choice for when you want to cover a large expanse of material with a paint spray solution. However, using a spray gun filter is a good idea for containing the spray into a fine and directed blast out of the gun tip, as well as cleaning the spray so no debris is fired. Read on for more things you should know about spray gun filters.

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Why use a filter?

The filter is located inside the handle of the gun and helps to filter the gun spray before it leaves the tip. The filter prevents debris from being fired out of the gun onto the material. This stops blockage as well as keeping the sprayed material clean.

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There are a few differences in the screen size for the filters for spray guns. You should pick a finer screen sized mesh for fine finishes and more delicate lacquers. Latex paints can handle a larger mesh size. The finer the filter, the more often it will need to be replaced to ensure good and clean operation.
Cleaning the filter
It is best to clean your gun filter every time you use the spray. This is so any dirt or debris and blockages can be removed as soon as possible. This stops the blockage from becoming ground into the material. The more often you clean the filter the longer it will last before a replacement is needed. It is easy to find out if you should clean your filter because the reversible tip will start to become clogged.
Spray guns for any purpose
Always try to use the best spray booth filters you can find, such as those available from and other similar stockists. By choosing a high-quality filter you can ensure the best results from your spray gun, whether you are spray painting for work or leisure purposes. For those using spray paint for artwork, a high-quality gun filter is vital to ensure an even distribution of paint.
You should always ensure you use the correct mesh type for your paint. If you try to use a tip that is too small when spraying with a wide mesh, you could get clogging in the tip. In contrast, a wide tip combined with a fine mesh will spoil the flow of the paint.

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