Interesting Facts about the Crown Jewels


How much do you know about the Queen’s Crown Jewels? They have been part of the British Royal Collection for many years and draw millions of visitors to the Tower of London each year. Here are ten interesting facts about some of the precious and valuable jewels in the world:

1. Rented out

Up until Queen Victoria’s reign, it was normal practice for the jewels to be hired for coronations. They would be rented at 4% of their total value from the crown jeweller.

2.  Turned into money

The Council of State ordered the crown jewels to be destroyed at the end of the English Civil War. Almost everything used in the coronation of King Charles I were melted down in the Tower of London and turned into coins used to pay the army.

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3. The last spoon

During the melting of King Charles’ coronation jewels, the only saved item was the Coronation Spoon. It had been purchased at a reduced rate in 1649 and secretly returned to King Charles II.

4. Almost stolen

In 1672, the collection was stolen from the Jewel House, but the thieves were disturbed and caught whilst on the Tower Wharf. They had the crown, sceptre and orb hidden underneath their cloaks. The jewels were repaired and have been stored behind bars or security ever since. Don’t let anyone run away with your precious gems like Solitaire Engagement Rings from

5. Taking the crown

In 1937, King Edward VIII gave up his claim tothe throne in controversial circumstances to marry American WallisSimpson. He left to live in Europe but took with him the Prince ofWales Crown that he wore on his coronation.It was only given back to the Jewel House when he died.

6. Something borrowed

During the reign of King James I, his wife, Anne of Denmark loved to watch plays being performed. She would borrow items from the Crown Jewels to be used as props. Unfortunately, some items were returned in a broken condition.

7. Indian honour

At one time, the British Empire covered a multitude of nations but only one had a new crown made for it. King George V wore the new crown at the inaugural ceremony in Delhi Durbar in 1911. It contained more than 6,000 gems and is one of the most stunning pieces in the entire collection. Despite that, it has only been worn once.

8. No entry

King George IV had an estranged wife called Queen Caroline. She was not invited to his coronation in 1821 and he went to great lengths to keep her away. Remaining undeterred or being stubborn, she arrived anyway but was turned away from the doors of Westminster Abbey.

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